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The Story


I ❤️ Buffalo Betty’s!! Awesome Owner! Great Customer Service! The Place to Shop Western at A Price You Can Afford! I Highly Recommend Buffalo Betty’s Boutique!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Stevie

I love shopping at Buffalo Betty’s because I have the convenient option to buy online &, on occasion, in person at events. I get compliments every time I wear my sunflower earrings & graphic tees from Buffalo Betty’s.

- Dakota

I enjoy following along with the stories and how inspirational, humorous and empowering Buffalo Betty’s is for all women. Everyone is welcome to the table at Buffalo Betty’s boutique! Highly recommended checking it out!

- Rachelle

Buffalo Betty's is the best! When you order, not only are you supporting a small business, but Kallie truly makes your order feel appreciated. The customer service is Top Notch!

- Alicia

Buffalo Betty’s has excellent customer service as well as a vibrant and kind owner. The clothes are of good quality. I would highly recommend this business.

- Tami