My First Trip to the Dallas Market Center

Have you ever knew you needed to do something for your own good but the task just seems too overwhelming so you just keep putting it off? I just raised both hands to answer my own question. Ha! Before I even started Buffalo Betty’s I knew that going to Market in Dallas would be something I needed to do once I finally acted on my dream of opening a boutique. While it sounded like a lot of fun, it also really overwhelmed me for some reason. Since opening Buffalo Betty’s I have always just ordered product online and kept pushing off going to Dallas even when I had plenty of perfect opportunities to go. A couple months ago I had been thinking I needed to branch out and expand my inventory. I went back and forth on how to make this happen, when and what step I would need to take first. Eventually I just put it to the back of my mind and thought I’ll do that later. Every now and then I would think about it and even discussed it with a few different mentors but still never took any action. One day I randomly decided to get on the Dallas Market Center website and next thing I knew I was signing up for the August Market. I thought well I guess that was the first step I needed to take and it just got the ball rolling for everything else I needed to do for the expansion.

Fast forward to when it came time to actually go. I knew there would be so much to see and that I didn’t really know what I was doing but I decided to just go all in and jump in with both feet, literally! Boy am I glad I did that! My feet maybe aren’t so happy about it but the experience was all worth it. The first day I walked around for a bit with my friend Loryn and she showed me the ropes of where things were and what questions to ask when I went in places. I spent the rest of the day exploring different stores that I might want to purchase from and made a game plan for the next day. 

Another highlight of day 1 was getting to see my friend Rachel all the way from Iowa! She and I were rodeo queens together back in the day and she was there with her friend who owns a boutique. The 3 of us went to dinner that night and I had the best burger ever from Rodeo Goat…highly recommended eating there when in the Dallas area! It was so good to catch up with Rachel and meet her friend Erika. It’s always fun to meet other women who have the same entrepreneurial dreams as I do.

On my 2nd and last day I started to purchase allll the goods. It was a little nerve racking to make that first purchase but once I did it was game on baby lol It was actually pretty fun plugging in all my purchases to my tracker app and seeing how much I had left in my budget and what all I still needed to find. 

It was a great experience and I can’t wait to go back in January. The main 2 things I learned was 1) Wear comfortable shoes, if you think they are comfortable enough add another insert anyways. 2) There is no right and wrong way to shop so don’t overthink it and just make a decision of what you want to buy and stick with it.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the New Arrivals that launched last Thursday, you can check them all out here. Also, I am estactic to introduce a new “Premier” collection of high quality, stylish clothing with the same Buffalo Betty’s western flare. You can find that collection here.

Stay tuned for more exciting New Arrivals that will be arriving over the course of the next few weeks and months. For more solopreneurship, boutique adventures and fun, check out Buffalo Betty's on FacebookPinterestInstagram and TikTok. You can also subscribe to the Buffalo Betty's Newsletter to be notified first of new blogs, arrivals and promotional discounts. 

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