February Style Guide

Do you ever wish you could be more on trend with your fashion but there’s just one small little problem? Cue the song, “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem it’s me.” Haha! Ok all jokes aside this really is me though. I’m really just a basic gal that feels most comfortable in a basic shirt paired with some denim. However, I often feel I’m not very in style because how could something so basic actually be stylish? Well I have good news for all my fellow basic/denim peeps, Spring 2023 is our time to shine! Continue reading to learn about two popular trends for this spring.

Did I hear somebody say, Detailed Denim? Show me a classic Denim Dan and I’ll swoon any day, but what if we added some fun details to our denim to step it up a notch? Currently in the store there are two pieces that are beautifully detailed as we prepare to transition into spring. 

The Sandhills - Denim Shacket features bubble sleeves and a frayed hem. You can throw this on over a basic tee or make it a little more dressy with a lace bodysuit underneath.

A really unique piece that has ruffled sleeves and a frayed hem, is The Spring Fling Jacket. This piece has endless layering/pairing options.

This leads right into the second trend I wanted to highlight, Clean-Slate Style. You may be thinking, what in the world does that mean Kallie! Well in short, it means minimalism is certainly in style this year. If your wardrobe consists of a few basics such as: some button ups or basic tees, tailored trousers, a classic coat and maybe an everyday blazer then you would be considered to have the perfect minimalist wardrobe. I feel like this goes right along with the Detailed Denim trend and I wanted to show you some perfect Clean-Slate Style items.

The Vintage Chartreuse is soft yet classy to pair with those everyday blazers, classic coats or even a detailed denim piece. It also features a side slit making it beautiful worn on its own as well. 

This beautiful 3/4 length can double as a top or as a jacket worn unbuttoned over a dress, or a top with trousers. The Harper truly is as versatile as you can imagine. 

I hope you have gotten some lightbulb moments today on what you may already have in your closet to be on trend this spring or you now have a clear plan of what items you might need to add to your closet.

Last but not least, there are two things that never go out of style and will always make you feel beautiful no matter what. That would be a great big smile and a healthy dose of confidence. Pair those two with anything and GIRL, you will absolutely radiate from the inside out!

Thank you for becoming a part of the Buffalo Betty’s community and trusting me with all your style needs.

Keep Smiling with Confidence friends!

Until next time,


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