Solopreneurship & My 5 Favorite Things About Owning A Boutique

You know how when you're on a rollercoaster and you're all strapped in, ready to go? You’re waiting for everyone else to get in and settled, so you look out over the park and people and pretty views way out ahead. Everything feels good, you're excited and prepared for the thrill ahead. The machine gives a soft surge forward. You're moving slow, foot by foot, inching closer to that picture perfect horizon. Then you leave the loading station and are able to see the empty space between you and the ground. Your grip tightens on the straps holding your life and you immediately realize you're not AT ALL prepared for the ride you're about to go on - you know that feeling?

Well, if you do, that's the exact one I've experienced countless times as an online western boutique owner! Like most entre/solopreneurship adventures, what starts as a dream and a leap quickly becomes an oh-bleep! moment, but you've already turned in your paperwork and, according to the Secretary of State, you're official now - you're doing the dang thing!

When I decided to start Buffalo Betty's, it was something I had always wanted to do, but I had no clue there would be so much work {or fun} involved. Over the past 2 years I have learned so much as a solopreneur owning a boutique, but more than that, I've cultivated experiences, relationships and a lifestyle that, for me, are priceless and worth the work and learning curves.

Below are 5 of my favorite things (in descending order) about owning a boutique. I hope you enjoy! For more solopreneurship, boutique adventures and fun, check out Buffalo Betty's on FacebookPinterest, Instagram and TikTok. You can also subscribe to the Buffalo Betty's Newsletter to be notified first of new blogs, arrivals and promotional discounts.


It's hilarious to me that this one even made my list! Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t really enjoy going shopping (ironic, right?). However, it is a little different when I’m not buying for myself. Buying for the store requires me to stay up-to-date on all of the latest trends, which I find really fun because of the creativity and imagination involved in evolving trends. Once UTD, I have a blast seeking out unique pieces to purchase. It never gets old because trends are always changing!


As a former rodeo queen, I've always loved traveling and attending large events, so going to trade shows and industry events is important to me. In the end, this solopreneurship adventure is as much about creating a life I love as it is making a living and helping others feel confident, functional and fashionable. Since I've never had the dream to own a storefront, but still love interacting with customers and traveling, events and trade shows are the perfect answer!

A couple of months ago, I even bought an enclosed trailer I now call Black Betty! I'm going to fix her up into a fun and fancy little rolling boutique and take some time to travel the country going to shows and vacationing in between.


I did not expect to be able to do this so often, but it has quickly become one of my favorite parts of being an online boutique owner. Just recently I went to Dallas on a girls trip with my sister, niece and some friends of ours. While there I was also able to do some in-person shopping for the store. It was fun to experience with some of my favorite people and I'm thankful it's a common occurrence nowadays!

shopping in Dallas


Perhaps this one is self-explanatory, though I know we all have different preferences on work environments, flexibility and structure. I personally love the ability to work from the comfort of my own home. Some days I happily work in my favorite pjs, comfy shorts or sweats. Events, photoshoots and the flexibility to run errands anytime balance out some inevitable at-home/in-house boredom and change up the scenery just enough to make it all work well for me!


Though this one can sometimes be the most difficult, it definitely tops my list! It does take a highly motivated individual with passion to manifest their solopreneur dream, to make it all work (especially in a timely fashion). But in the end, nobody is giving me a task list or critiquing my every move except me, which is often easier to handle than another person. On the flip side, it's also your responsibility to educate, research, create, produce and wear ALLLL the hats, instead of having one designated job that is your own to fulfill.

For me, it is very rewarding to be solely responsible for the in’s and out’s of your business and how well it succeeds. It's the best to reflect back on where you started and all the experiences, learning curves and memories that built the brand you now see.

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This is such creative writing! You never cease to amaze me!

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